Little Theatre of Disease and Desire

The Theatre in the Museum

The Little Theatre of Disease and Desire in place at The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret. Throughout the Autumn of 2007 I have been working on scenes and characters for the Theatre, on site in the museum.


Some of the plans for the main Theatre of Disease and Desire.

Pages from the Notebooks

The Cut-Out Man

This character has emerged, he is a kind of Punch character, and he doesn't speak, but jumps around as if he has been wronged, holding up something that looks like a dead rabbit.


I have begun cutting out some characters and scenery for the mock-up Theatre.

The Documents

The Simbysial Case is full of different attempts to document the illness. The Patient believes that he can somehow understand his symptoms, and cure himself, if he can write them down, or draw them, accurately. He invents various systems and symbols to do this.

Little Theatre of Disease and Desire

I have constructed a mock-up of the Little Theatre of Disease and Desire. It is made entirely of paper, and is built to contain and display scenes from The Simbysial Case.

The Simbysial Case

The Simbysial Case is a long term project, that I began in 2002, and have returned to during my residency at The Old Operating Theatre.

It originally took the form of notebooks, drawings and diaries, of a young man suffering from a mysterious disease. It begins as pains in his feet, which slowly ascend up his body.